Reaching a Milestone with Ms. Cheesecake Back

Jul 20, 2014

By Tracey Bivens

There were two birthday party celebrants on Saturday night in Romulus, Michigan. Lynne "Ms. Cheesecake” Batten and her food.


Approaching 50 was not just another day for Lynne (her birthday is actually July 24th) but it was more like a love fest. A hundred or so family, friends, co-workers and passersby stopped by Mike and Sally’s EZ-Glide Dance Studio & Elegance to pay their respects.


"DJ Butta” Michelle Mason provided the sounds for the evening which covered several different genres to accommodate the Luau themed occasion. Leis, Aloha decorations, party favors and anything else that you could imagine were provided for the guests who attended that evening.


From the moment you entered the door (literally) there was the traditional fruit orgy display of at least 30 pounds of fruit (I know because I prepared it-Laughing), Hawaiian Chicken, rice, Tropical Island Meatballs, gourmet tossed salad, Lynne’s famous Shrimp Mousse and spinach dips and I can’t forget the 1,000 mini variety flavored cheesecakes that Lynne must have spent 3 days preparing…it was all ridiculously good and PLENTIFUL. Nobody went home hungry.


Freda Jenkins represented with her steppin and other genred apparel. If there is any type of shirt or shoe bag that you need…Freda definitely has your color, size and style waiting for you. I remember when Freda’s business was a "lemonade stand” (Laughing) and I now stare in awe at how far she has come in her creativity and inventory.


Lynne’s family, who I dubbed as "The Ragin’ Cajuns” were there in full light-skinned effect showering her with love and support the whole night. Was there a birthday line that we normally see at dance centered events? Umm…I would say there were more so two "Hug and Love on Me Lines” which featured plenty of well wishers the opportunity to just extend an embrace to someone who has gone through so much in the last couple of years but is still standing tall.


In the house were Karen Allen (thanks for the compliment), Vet Ann, Bree Wade "Pink Lady”, Karen Ware, Jeff Clark, Maria Caslin, Toledo’s Popeye and Leonard, Sherry Gordon, Joyce Louie, Rose McDaniel, Richard Cochran, Larry Collins, Debra "Partypeople” Dixon, Rickey Banks, Nikisha "Starburst” Nabors, Quin "Q” Jones, Cleveland’s Allen Davis, Illinois’ Reggie Handy, Don TaeSmooth McCoy, Bobby Blake, "Pee Wee” Elaine, Sir Charles, Elaine Ramsey, Karla Jeffries, Darlene Manns and Angela Pitts.


If there was ever any doubt as to how people felt about Lynne Batten then that doubt was strewn to the side Saturday night. The "wishing well” was bursting at the seams and Lynne "Ms. Cheesecake” Batten proved that she is more than a mother, auntie, granny, friend and caterer in our community….she is a shining star.

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