The Steady Steppers 2nd Fridays Set Review Back

Aug 10, 2014

By Tracey Bivens

One of the things that help me to keep the faith in a sometimes dysfunctional steppin community is going to a set that wreaks of a cohesive, fun and structured steppers set.


The Steady Steppers have been going strong for the last two years every 2nd Friday at the little dance studio on Stahelin Street in Detroit. With co-founder Larry Collins at the helm, you are always going to find class, sophistication, large volumes of supporters and sound business acumen.


Over 150 paying customers…and yes…when I say paying customers I mean just that, piled into the venue to the sounds of DJ K-Mix (Kirk Peterson). Where many promoters have succumbed to the mindset of comping "certain” guests in for free, the Steady Steppers philosophy has always remained constant and I think people really respect the mindset of, "We provide your entertainment but we don’t pay for it.” This simple marketing tool may have to do with the success of the Steady Steppers franchise as they enter into their 11th year of high sales in instructional DVDs on a national and international level, women and mens apparel, the Las Vegas Jam and workshops in the Midwest…the east coast as well as down south.

As always, the women were definitely in the house but so were the men. It has always been customary that the men at any Steady Stepper affair dance with at least 10 different women throughout the night…another highlight of an evening with this group. In addition, fried chicken and spaghetti dinners for five dollars always sell out with that tasty homemade pound cake.


Always willing to help out when I can, I did lead a few women in a couple of dances and I also led a few guys. An avid stepper, Phyllis Stevens, saw my frustration with leading one of the guys and noted, "So many guys are quick tempered when they are leading novice female steppers. They need to know that following a command may not be as simple as giving one in the dance.” I thought that her statement was quite poignant.


As an added bonus, if you are a woman, you will be escorted safely to your car upon leaving. Shouts out to the heavily strapped security officer G Quentin Williams. I can say a lot more about the crew of Al Ebo, Rickey Banks, Carol T, Upscale Dee, Bobby Watkins, "Mr. Debonair” Darby Settles, Kammal Smith and the other supporting cast members but why don’t you come out and see for yourself? They have another Walkers Workshop coming up at The Elevator Building Saturday, August 23 on 1938 Franklin Street in Detroit or the next 2nd Friday, September set.


In the house were Joyce Louie, Darlene Mans, Frank "Big Slim” Westley, Bobby Blake, Lynne "Ms. Cheesecake” Batten, Angela Pitts, Corrie Patton, Titania Jordan, Vashon Collins, Ira Blakely, Nikisha "Starburst” Nabors, Dana Brock, Jeff Clark, Toledo’s Popeye and Leonard and Gina James.

I Love Steppin 11th Year Anniversary